3 Chambers of Doom

I created this montage of various scenes from 3 Chambers of Doom

I was contracted by Corus Entertainment to provide animation for the ninth instalment of their OPP Cyber Saf-e-Drills campaign with OPP. Past instalments of this campaign featured an interactive game and quiz, augmented with non-interactive animated cutscenes. However, for this particular instalment the client wanted the entire game to be in the form of an interactive video, which was accomplished by overlaying the game’s touch-based interface elements on top of the video. I was given an extensive script detailing the dialogue and branching interactivity, from which I created an animated video containing all of the segments required for the various paths the player could take within the game.

  • character and environment design and animation
  • designing interface elements to overlay video
  • sourcing and editing sound effects
  • incorporating voiceovers provided by the client