YTV Minigames

Gameplay footage from Dude, Where’s My Pants!?

Gameplay footage from Benjamin Beaver, Log Retriever

Gameplay footage from Commuter Cupid

Corus Entertainment was interested in expanding the number of original games on their website and contracted me to create a series of minigames. For each game, I was given a simple theme, like “rabbits”, “fairytale”, “spiders”, etc., which often corresponded to YTV’s on-air programming at the time. Development time was swift, with one week allotted per game — I would provide the client with a game concept on a Monday, and deliver a finished minigame on the Friday.

I handled all aspects of game creation for every game — coding, animation and design, creating original characters, sound effects, even music. Special cheat codes were built into each game, which would alter the game in various fun ways when entered. As I created more and more games, they collectively became their own little universe, with characters from earlier games showing up in other games, and some games being sequels to previous games. Over the course of about a year, I created 29 minigames, roughly one every other week.

  • game concept creation
  • interface and character design
  • gameplay graphics, coding and animation
  • sourcing, editing and adding sound effects
  • composing music